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Name:Antigone Grace
Birthdate:May 15
Location:Troy, Greece
Antigone Grace, Queen of Troy.

Goddess of Shared Emotion. Daughter of Helen of Troy and Hermes, son of Zeus. Empathic, Bouncy, Cheerful, Helpful, Graceful, Vindictive, Jealous, Forlorn, Possessive, Protective, Optimistic. Far older than she looks, which is 21... eternally.
The History
Anne made a deal with Anteros for her father's manhood: She promised to be his and love only him for the rest of time if he would return what he'd taken from her father. Anteros accepted that deal and the two fell in love. Anne became pregnant when Strife manipulated Anteros into believing that he wanted Anne to be the mother of his child even though he was engaged and had a steady lover elsewhere. When his fiancée and his lover both decided they were better off without him, Anteros devoted himself to Anne. However, the two could not quite overcome their rocky beginning and, after the birth of their son, broke up. Anteros released Anne from her vow and the two moved on.

She later had romances with the Doctor, an Admiral in the Colonial Fleet, and had a three-day marriage to a Norse trickster God. After a long marriage to a hunter, she gave up. From there, she swore off men, choosing to live at Troy, taking her rightful place as queen. When the mood strikes, she'll borrow someone for the evening, or even call for Anteros. Otherwise, she's quite content to lead a mostly celibate lifestyle.
The Goddess
All those she's loved, she's lost. They're long gone and she has no desire to fall in love again. Where she used to be a tactile and loving creature, she now prefers to remain alone. She's still cheerful and friendly, feeding off the emotions of those around her, basking in the mortality and love of those she can feel.

Antigone Grace is an original character from Greek Mythology and my head. She and I are both over 21. Her story began on Livejournal with several fantastic RP'ers and continued through IJ. She was named by Hermes' mun and is given a face by Anne Hathaway. Don't take.
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